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The link between human development and quality of governance is strong and well established and is at the core of development issues in Pakistan. This is reflected in the national strategies to attain MDGs through, Improved governance and consolidating devolution, both as a means of delivering better development results and ensuring social and economic justice. These considerations underpin UNDP Pakistan's efforts in supporting governance processes and institutions that would improve their response to the needs of Pakistani citizens. The governance interventions are aimed at making policy formulation and implementation more effective and participatory; enhancing the credibility and effectiveness of key governing institutions; and supporting initiatives for citizens involvement in decisions that affect their lives. In this context the governance programme is working with the Government of Pakistan and national partners in three core areas of intervention: (i) devolution support; (ii) strengthening governing institutions; and (iii) economic governance.

Pakistan has introduced a devolved system of governance that is aimed at improving the quality of and access to public services delivery at the local levels. UNDP Pakistan supports government institutions in policy formulation and implementation of devolution at the national, provincial and local levels.

Strong, credible and effective governing institutions that have the confidence of the citizens and the ability to deliver their mandate are the foundations of sound governance. UNDP Pakistan supports capacity strengthening of the key governing institutions such as Parliament and Election Commission of Pakistan and other public sector organizations and enables their engagement with other partners in civil society to improve the relevance and effectiveness of their mandate.

Under the economic governance component, UNDP Pakistan is also involved in issues of public-private partnerships, advocating global compact, promoting corporate social responsibility, policy research on globalization and strengthening aid coordination.