Sunday, August 16, 2009


DISCOVER-NGO is a non Governmental and non for profit organization, working for the elimination of social evils especial concentration on Corruption through media advocacy, research and policy advice. Muhammad Moosa Soomro is founder and organizer of the DISCOVER. The process of its creation from concept to real NGO has taken almost three years.As the Founder is an ex Government servant and had restrictions to create any organization within the period of two years from release of service. The NGO has to be launched on 10th December 2009, exact on the International Anti Corruption Day but due to various reasons we had to prematurely launch it in the end of July 2009. So we have must have many correctable in our dispatch. It is requested to kindly extend your comments and suggestions with out any reluctance and hesitation. We would welcome anything criticizing us or correcting us. Because we are aimed at to serve the people and awake the people to eliminate corruption. Everything belonging to DISCOVER-NGO is public. No one can claim for its ownership including me the founder.