TI Pakistan to launch USAID 'Anti-Fraud Hotline' next month

Business Recorder

November 2,2010

ISLAMABAD (November 02, 2010) : US Agency for International Development (USAID) and Transparency International Pakistan head signed a co-operative agreement on September 22, 2010 here, for the "Anti-Fraud Hotline" Project. Syed Adil Gilani has been designated as the Chief of Party for five-year period of the project - The Anti Fraud Hotline to be launched in December 2010.

The objective of the project is to ensure transparency and prevention of corruption in the utilisation of grant to be provided to Pakistan by USAID, including the $7.5 billion of Kerry Lugar Bill. TI Pakistan will disseminate information in the areas and sectors, where USAID funds will be disbursed, through print and electronic media, billboards, flyers and posters, banners and pole mountings.

Citizens and civil society organisations will be encouraged to report corruption and register their complaints direct through 'Anti-Fraud Hotline' website or send it to TI Pakistan by email, phone, fax, mail by visit to Transparency International Pakistan office.

For transparency and non-discriminatory policy of USAID, all procurements will be open for national suppliers/consultants /contractors, and international suppliers/consultants/contractors for specified procurements under the terms of the grantee agreements. US NGOs procurements will be open to Pakistani as well as US suppliers/consultants/contractors and the UN agencies.

All complaints will be uploaded onto the "Anti-Fraud Hotline" either by the complainant through web, or by TI Pakistan staff dealing with complaints. Each complaint will be automatically allotted a number if made through web, and given a number by TI Pakistan staff, which will be in continuous serial.

The complainant will be sent mail in case email address is given, or informed through mail about the company registration and compliant tracking number. The complainant will be able to track the status of complaint through web, or contact Transparency International Pakistan for the progress and result. Office of Inspector General USAID will conduct inquiry and investigation with regard to all complaints.-PR


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